Blood, Sweat, Tears.

I applied to donate blood. My mother was a blood donor until the possibility of her being a mad cow meant that she couldn't donate anymore (or that was my child brain understanding of it), so I figured I'd take up the torch for us. I'm 27. I'm healthy, I haven't had surgery since 2014,… Continue reading Blood, Sweat, Tears.


“2016 is the year I finally get my drivers licence!”

I declared this on January 1st, whilst snuggled on a picnic blanket with my Mister on a sandy little boat beach, after countdowns, kissing, and fireworks. Im twenty-six. I've been eligible for my learner permit for ten years. I've had a learner permit for eight years. It's expired,  been renewed, and is due to expire… Continue reading “2016 is the year I finally get my drivers licence!”

I saw some bands last night.

As the subtle waves of sleepy start to lap at my shore I feel my nails tighten on my arms as I begin the attempt to hold myself together. Relaxation is heavy eyelids and limbs of lead. Enjoying this is spine sinking into pelvis into knees into ankles through the floor. Nights become determinedly introverted… Continue reading I saw some bands last night.


Something I Wrote

The world is black, white and grey as I drag my limbs out of bed and thrust myself into the world. Dragging my feet along the footpath, shoulders rounded against the harshness of reality, protecting an organ that is only supposed to pump blood around my body (it seems to do so much more). 
I… Continue reading Something I Wrote