“2016 is the year I finally get my drivers licence!”

I declared this on January 1st, whilst snuggled on a picnic blanket with my Mister on a sandy little boat beach, after countdowns, kissing, and fireworks.

Im twenty-six. I’ve been eligible for my learner permit for ten years. I’ve had a learner permit for eight years. It’s expired,  been renewed, and is due to expire again in April next year. So I decided this was the year it was going to happen! I was going to get my provisional licence!

In April I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy and told that it is strongly recommended that I do not drive by both the woman who conducted my MSLT and my specialist.

I met with my specialist yesterday. I have to do the MSLT on meds in order to renew my learner permit. I might get to do that next year some time if I’m doing dandy…

2018 *might* be the year I get my drivers licence!

Don’t all explode your party poppers at once, folks.


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