Being a sleepy sleep queen of snoozing means that on a bad day it’s a task and a half to drag my eyelids apart, let alone attend to any form of personal care. However, being a hairstylist in an upmarket boutique salon means that I can’t turn up for work in a T-Shirt and undies, with a birds nest on my head and yesterday’s makeup smeared across my face.
Here’s some items and tips that literally (okay, maybe not literally) save my life.
All products linked are things that I personally adore:

Dry Shampoo
Hair washing/drying/styling takes time. Spraying dry shampoo into your oily roots takes about 5 seconds max.
I will take this moment to say having a freaking good haircut that you can either mess up, chuck up, or simply leave to do its thing is worth the money you’ll pay the stylist who cuts it. The time it will save you is invaluable, and a good stylist will take the time to understand what you need from your hair, and work their magic accordingly.

Makeup Removal Wipes
Take your makeup off before you pass out with a simple, one step, wipety wipe. This seems really simple, but it’s really quite exhausting to do a whole face wash routine when your eyes are quite literally rolling into the back of your head.

Waterproof Mascara
I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m fighting a sleep attack, my eyes stream in the exact same way they did at the end of Flashdance when the big-wig audition panel start to tap their feet to Alex’s super cool audition (What a felling, indeed). Waterproof mascara stops me turning into an even scarier looking version of Immortal musician Abbath.

Carrot Sticks/Cellery Sticks/A Small Container of Nuts
When you’re tired at inappropriate times there is a temptation to shove as much sugar in your face as your hands can grab. This is effective… for about ten minutes. The sugar crash is far worse than the initial tiredness that triggered your gummi bear binge. Having good snacks handy for when you need a munge is a lifesaver for the afternoon energy levels. Bonus points for hummus.

Anything that saves time on leg or underarm shaving is beyond appreciated. If I ever try to do a half asleep leg shave I end up either forgetting bits (knee beards are not as cool as I try to convince people they are) or taking a chunk out of myself. Paying someone else to do the hair removal is brilliant, waxing lasts 4 weeks, and I can have a little nap while it’s happening. Or just rock your natural growth, whatever floats your boat.

Pre-Cooked Meals
I like to do a semi Stash Plan, in which I prepare entire meals or partial prepare stuff for days when the thought of having to cook makes me want to put my head in the oven. I pre-poach eggs and put them in ice water, the next morning I just pop them in boiling water for a minute or so while the bread is in the toaster. On my good days I knock up salads, Dahl, pastas, chop up veggies for stir fries, and basically prep for lunches/dinners for either reheating or the least amount of effort possible.
I also get my groceries delivered to save the myself energy I would usually spend trailing around the shops, it’s super easy and allows me to look directly at recipes while I order and only buy what I need.

A Travel Pillow
I’m having one of those weeks this week in which I begin to try and plot ways to get more sleep before I’ve even attended to silencing my alarm in the morning. Unfortunately my alarm is already set for the latest possible time I could exit bed, so I have to drag myself up and further plot naps out in the shower.  Trains and busses are excellent for planned (and unplanned) napping, but they’re a bit iffy on the neck if your head drops forward.  Enter travel pillow! Tuck it ’round your neck and snooze away, everyone else is too busy staring at their iPhone’s to notice your scheduled nap anyway. Bonus points: Make sure you set an alarm on your phone for a couple of minutes before you’re due at your stop.
Alternatively, you could use a soft scarf if you want to be a little more discrete in your napping, I have a good collection of Winter and Summer scarves for this reason.


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